Event Information

2022 Dates TBD

The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes & Heathrow CC

Entry Fee $2998

Take a look below to learn more about the largest Mini Tour Event in golf. If you have any questions about specific happenings or event timing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch - we’ll be happy to help.



12:30pm Shotgun

Selected professionals will play on a team with 3 amateurs for 18 holes at Heathrow Country Club. Heavy hor d'oeurves and live music to follow.

Event Registration


4 to 7 pm

Golfers can head on over to the golf course to register and pick up needed information for their first round. Tournament staff will also be available to answer any questions.

Round 1


7 am- 6pm

Tee Times will start at 7:30am on Heathrow and The Legacy Club.

Round 2


7am- 6pm

Tee Times will start at 7:30am on Heathrow and The Legacy Club.

Final Round


7am- 6pm

Tee Times will start at 7:30am on The Legacy Club. Top 40 and ties

Awards Party



Awards Party thanking sponsors, Presentation of winners check and charitable partner recognition.

2021 Big Money Golf Classic Results

Our Payout

Largest Purse in Mini Tour Golf

With more risk comes more reward.


The idea with the Big Money Golf Classic was to take 3x the entry fee for 5x the payout to our players. With a full field, players will be competing for a $400,000 purse with $100,000 going to the winner.


Guaranteed Payout

Cut Top-40 and ties


1st Place- $100,000 

2nd Place- $50,000

3rd Place- $30,000

4th Place- $20,000

5th Place-$15,000

6th Place- $14,000

7th Place- $13,000

8th Place- $12,000

9th Place-$11,000

10th Place- $10,000

11th Place- $8000

12th Place- $7250

13th Place- $6750

14th Place-$6500

15th Place- $6000

16th Place- $5500

17th Place- $5000

18th Place-$4750

19th Place- $4500

20th Place- $4000

21st Place- $3900

22nd Place- $3800

23rd Place- $3700

24th Place-$3600

25th Place- $3500

26th Place- $3450

27th Place- $3400

28th Place-$3350

29th Place- $3300

30th Place- $3250

31st Place- $3225

32nd Place- $3200

33rd Place- $3175

34th Place-$3150

35th Place- $3125

36th Place- $3100

37th Place- $3075

38th Place-$3050

39th Place- $3025

40th Place-$3000


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